La voce del Fiani

Peter LoJacono
Passionate about Italian heritage

Peter LoJacono is more than just proud of his Italian heritage.He’s passionate about it.That’s why the foreign language teacher at Hutchinson Central Technical High School in Buffalo does all he can to share the positive aspects of his culture with his students and community.

Peter’s innovative methods include forging a relationship with a school in Torremaggiore,Puglia, in the province of Foggia — Buffalo’s official sister city in Italy — whereby the two schools engage in correspondence, cultural exchanges and other learning opportunities.

He’s also helped to create the DiPaulo Italian Heritage Hall in Buffalo, a place where people can come to learn about Italian history and influence.And he’s the driving force behind the Italian Heritage Exhibit at Buffalo’s annual Italian Festival, which provides computer stations, informational displays, student projects and guest speakers to educate visitors about Italian culture.Through Peter’s efforts, thousands have learned about his heritage and its contributions to the Buffalo area — proof that his passion is paying off in increased knowledge,understanding and appreciation.

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