Il Principal David M. Greco

Saluti e auguri
dal Principal Greco
dell'Hutch Tech

September 24, 2003

Dear Preside Soccio,
I sincerely thank you for your kind regards as we begin our new school year. I offer to you my best wlshes for success in your new endeavor as Principal of Liceo Nicola Fiani. Please extend our warmest regards to all faculty and students of our betoved sister school as you also begin the schcol year 2003-2004.

We Iook forward to meeting you in March as we always are most eager to welcome the faculty and students of our sistor school. One day, God willing, we wiIl be able to reciprocate the visit.

On my behalf please extend cordial greetings and best wishes to Preside Cera and Prof. Gaetano D’Andrea who have worked so hard at making this twinship a success.

David M. Greco

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