Dear friends
by Jole

Dear friends,
how are you? I hope fine. I' m writing to you to inform you that my schoolfriends have left for university.
My course of studing stars in November so I have profited to greet our wonderful sister-school.

The days we have spent with you are been unforgettable!!
We keep your friendship in our heart, even though for many of us, it will begin a new "life".
But thanks to internet and thanks to the work of our teacher D' Andrea we will continue to be near to our high school and near to you.We have visited your new pages on-line and we suggest to our friends to do the same, because they are very interesting!

We wish you a year full of positive experiences.

A special greeting to Principal Greco, to Mr Lojacono, to Mr Gullo and to all the stupend people who have fulfilled our dream.


  Fiani's friends

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